Professional Counseling

Professional Counseling


Eric offers a customized approach for couples, families, individuals and children with a variety of life struggles, skill deficits and adjustment symptoms and diligently searches for, evaluates, and applies the best data and practices of the behavioral and social sciences through an integrative mix of theories such as Person-Centered, Gestalt, Family Systems, Performance Psychology, Positive Psychology, Biofeedback, Eco-psychology, and Cognitive-Behavior.  

Nature Therapy 


One of the most formative times in a child's life is between the ages of 8-11yrs. These are the tender years when parents and mentors can instruct and practice many of the virtues and values that children will carry with them into adolescence.  

Tending the forest is an important practice to many generations and cultures.  In tending to their external landscape, boys will learn to tend to their internal landscapes as well as their relationships with one another.  As children experience a "digital detox", they become open to connections they may not have ever experienced before.  This "awakening" can be energizing and useful to exploring what they can do and how well they can do it.

A child's connection to mature adults is essential to their development. Grandparents, parents and other relatives are invited to help their child discover the importance of these connections. Contact us to learn how to get involved.