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Professional Counseling

Professional Counseling


Eric offers a customized approach for couples, families, individuals and children with a variety of life struggles, skill deficits and adjustment symptoms and diligently searches for, evaluates, and applies the best data and practices of the behavioral and social sciences through an integrative mix of theories such as Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, Performance Psychology, Positive Psychology, Biofeedback, Eco-psychology, and Cognitive-Behavior.  

Nature Therapy 


Nature-based Therapy is a form of experiential therapy that incorporates one’s relationship with the natural world into counseling interventions to enhance a client’s growth and development, and strives towards the reciprocal healing of both humans and their larger ecological home. While the scope of nature-based practices is widely varied, common elements include: mindfulness and sensory awareness practices, a focus on bonding and belonging, an experiential and process oriented approach, a focus on the body, restoration and regulation, and the incorporation of challenge or risky play if and when appropriate. 

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