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Here are some great places we may visit together or you might want to explore on your own

In partnership with 1Berkshires and the Berkshire County Regional Planning Commission, a comprehensive GIS mapping of all parks and trails in Berkshire County was created to assist the community in finding places to visit, professional guide services, outdoor retailers and outfitters.  Visit to learn more.

What counts as “time in nature”?
Good question! It’s simple: time in nature is about getting outside and taking time to notice and connect with the non-human life around you.
Time in nature is not always the same as being outside — even small green spaces are beneficial if you relax and pay attention to nature when you’re there. We recommend putting your electronic devices away so you can use all your senses to listen for bird song, breathe fresh air and watch for local wildlife.
What's the minimum dosage needed to be healthy?
Like one’s diet, it is possible to act in ways that lead to a healthy mix and exposure to nature. This is subject to agency and behavior and responsible choice in the same way that the food pyramid guides eating. And, like the nutritional pyramid, the Nature Pyramid provides guidance to planners, designers and public decision makers.
The Nature Pyramid

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

                                      -John Muir

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