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Masculine Formation

Forest Tenders Wellness Group (3rd-5th)

One of the most formative times in a child's life is between the ages of 8-11yrs. These are the tender years when parents and mentors can instruct and practice many of the virtues and values that boys will carry with them into adolescence.  

Tending the forest is an important practice to many generations and cultures.  In tending to their external landscape, boys will learn to tend to their internal landscapes as well as their relationships with one another.  As boys experience a "digital detox", they become open to connections they may not have ever experienced before.  This "awakening" can be energizing and useful to exploring what they can do and how well they can do it.

A boy's connection to mature men is essential to their development. Grandfathers, fathers and other male relatives are invited to help their boys discover the importance of these connections. Contact us to learn how to get involved.

Forest Tinkers Wellness Group (6th-8th)

Wielding a clan of middle schoolers to explore what's possible together is no walk in the park, but throw in fire, some twine and a few pocket knives and they'll be on their way to embodying vitality, initiative, empathy, grit and a quieter mind.  

Unstructured time outside is rare for youth today, but necessary to form the connections with nature, self and others needed for healthy development.  A boy's connection to mature men outside of the home is also becoming rarer and is essential for boys to grow. Let's give the boys in our communities the time and a place to begin discovering who they are.   

Grandfathers, fathers and other male relatives are invited to support their participant's process.  Contact us to learn how to get involved.  

Men's Group 

Every man feels that the world is asking him to be something he doubts very much he has it in him to be. "Do I have what it takes?"  And so the recovery of a man's heart begins with coming to see the way in which his deepest question got answered and how that has shaped his life. Despite your past, this group is fiercely committed to you, to the restoration and release of your masculine heart. We want to answer your Question.

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