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"We not only enjoyed nature, but Eric taught me the importance of breath and being acutely aware of my surroundings in nature." -adult participant on a Paddle With Healers event

"Mood Walks are a great experience for families. Lots of moments of joy, connection and reflection for all ages. Our kids (9, 12 & 13) said they expected our hike to be boring. Instead they found this time to be fun, stimulating and interesting. Do your family a favor and feel a new sense of connection that is hard to replicate in the grind of work, school and playdates." -Parent participant from a privately guided family Mood Walk

"A life changing experience for me and my family. I feel changed and confident my children will see each experience in nature in a more in-tune way. I also can imagine that the lessons we learned from nature today will have a resounding affect on our day to day lives. One of the greatest gifs we could have given our family." -Parent participant on a privately guided family Mood Walk

"I highly recommend you take the opportunity to experience a different type of counseling. This is not an “Analyze This or Analyze That” approach. This is an approach that brings you back to nature and allows you to grow in an environment that not only challenges you, but reassures you that you are alive and you can persevere. " -adult client

"As Eric began to understand my heart, our focus was not on my problem, our focus changed to developing techniques to address what was happening in the present. Throughout our time, we have paddleboarded a lake, played sports, performed aerial tree climbing, and celebrated faith events such as my baptism. It has been over half a year now since I have committed to breaking the cycle I was in. Due to Eric and Lichen I think I am finally learning this much…That if we focus on the problem instead of healing we stay cemented in our struggles. If we focus on learning who we are and develop strategies we can begin to move forward in life with confidence to overcome our feelings. We just have to “check in” as Eric always says." -adult client struggling with depression

"My son was a client of Eric’s for a relatively short time, but the lessons he gave my son will last a lifetime. From the beginning we knew that Eric would be a good fit for my son. Eric is insightful, kind, and professional. My son was struggling with anxiety and sports performance. He was able to relate to Eric, and felt very comfortable during their sessions. Eric helped my son with confidence, internal strength and relaxation. Eric exudes peace and assurance, and it is felt as soon as you are in his presence. His guidance truly showed my son inner strength and a “you can do it” attitude." -parent of a teen

"I met with Eric for a couple months after realizing that my anxieties were too much to overcome during my basketball games and that they negatively affected my performance. During our time together, Eric was extremely helpful in helping me deal with my nerves. He taught me ways to deal with my issues and to maintain a positive attitude not only during games, but also my life. With Eric’s guidance, I was able to overcome my nerves and become the player I always knew I could be. -high school varsity athlete

"This walk was the highlight of my weekend. I arrived that day feeling burdened by some circumstances in life and also feeling a little anxious and unsure of what to expect. Over the course of a few hours, I could feel myself shedding those feelings and embracing new ones."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to try it."

"I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to de-stress, slow down, move more mindfully and find some peace."

"Eric was a guide in every sense and shepherded us individually and as a couple. He was supportive, insightful and explained how the day would work to make us feel more comfortable."

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